Ricky Richards

Susie T Designs teamed up with The Office Builders to transform what was once a grimy loading dock and warehouse into a welcoming space for both the office and warehouse staff to come together, eat lunch, socialise and relax in a space away from their desks and the warehouse. Ricky Richards is a textile manufacturer that specialise in outdoor fabrics and wallpaper and window substrates. This was a wonderful point of inspiration to design a space that showcased their products as well as building on their outdoor brand. To this end, the lunchroom was designed to evoke a feeling of bringing the outdoors IN. You are immediately drawn into the space by the whimsical and fun custom tropical mural which was printed upon Ricky Richards pearlised wallpaper. Gorgeous cane pendants hang from a bower of greenery above the kitchen island creating an intimate and delightful feel. The geometric tiles in the splashback echo Ricky Richards logo, as do the custom screens on the outdoor deck which provide privacy and a chance to get some fresh air. Plenty of seating options are on display, showcasing the RR fabrics in the banquette cushions. Every need has been provided for in the generous kitchen as Ricky hold lots of staff functions and events. While these are on hold due to Covid, Ricky Richards are just delighted with the space and can’t wait to invite their entire national team and clients to enjoy it too!


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