We love to answer your questions. Here are some that clients frequently ask.

What is the first step?

The first step is always the initial consultation. This is where I find out all about you and what you want for your dream space. Ideally this is on site so I can get the feel of the space and its possibilities. During this consultation I will be asking you many question as to practical needs, how you use the space as well as what your style may be or how you would like it to ideally look.

RESIDENTIAL: With residential clients, pictures you have saved online or tear sheets from magazines are very helpful. Houzz is a great site to find and save your ideas. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t know what you want! This is quite common and together we will come up with a beautiful style that will suit you.

COMMERCIAL: With commercial clients I dig deep to get a thorough understanding of your company, what is your unique selling point, what sort of image would you like to project and how you want your staff or customers to feel in the space. I see every commercial project wholistically and may have suggestions as to how your branding can change, if you need your logos and signage updated and what sort of clients you want to attract. It is truly collaborative and very exciting!

How much do you charge?

It depends on the project. The initial consultation is always charged at the hourly rate. For an entire project for commercial clients, we generally charge our hourly rate plus GST, with an indication of upper limits.  For residential clients, most people have a certain budget and if this is the case we provide a specific scope of the design work with a flat fee. If the scope is extended or changed during the project, then this is charged on our hourly fee or we renegotiate the contract to include the additional scope.

How much will my project cost?

This is impossible to say without the design being in place first. There are so many factors that influence what your project will cost, with one major factor being the level of finishes and fittings you wish, for example a kitchen benchtop could be laminate, engineered stone, porcelain or natural stone and they all have different price points. This is why it’s important to have your own idea of how much you can spend on your project as this guides the design choices. We do not provide building costs or comparative quotes and recommend you do your own research to find a reliable builder. However, if it is purely decorative finishes and furniture purchases we will provide you with these costs once the design is approved.

Do you have trades you can recommend?

We work with a number of talented professionals within the industry to bring your design to life. We like to work with our trusted architects, joiners, graphic artists and other suppliers that we know will give you the best outcome for the project. We are also more than happy to work with your nominated trades and architects. We always keep on top of how the project is moving and ensuring that our design is being realised as intended with site visits. The most important thing is communication, attention to detail and customer service.

Can you help me shop?

Yes, this is no problem and is charged by the hour. Depending on your budget, we can shop retail or through our fantastic wholesale suppliers where you will find beautiful quality and designs that you won’t see in the retail stores.

Do you offer colour consultations and styling?

We certainly do and this is charged at our hourly rate. Colour consultations involve a site visit, colour recommendations and A4 brushouts and if needed sample pots of paint. We always recommend using sample pots to test exterior paints in particular as colour is hugely affected by how the light changes during the day. We offer Styling services for home sale, the finishing touches on a project or seasonal styling for Christmas or special occasions.

I am planning on building a new home or extensively renovating – should I contact you now?

Yes, definitely! An interior designers input at the planning stage can be invaluable as we see things differently to architects and builders. You are spending a lot of money in building and you want to make sure it’s right from the beginning. Areas frequently underestimated are kitchens – you have to make sure the layout is right for the space and that it serves your needs perfectly. That means working out in advance where everything will go, including how easy it is to unpack the dishwasher into your drawers! Generous bedroom storage is also vital, and needs to be customised to suit each client as we all have different amounts of shoes, clothes and we are all different heights which affects the levels at which clothes need to be hung. These are just a few areas to consider, but sometimes I may have an entirely new take on your floorplan which opens up another whole level of possibilities.

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